Auto Repair near Vernonburg GA

Auto Repair

Every vehicle goes through a time in their life when it needs repairs. At Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram South Savannah, we’re here to make getting auto repairs near Vernonburg easy with our state-of-the-art service department.

Equipped with the latest and great equipment, tools, and a certified technician team, we’re a go-to place to visit when your set of wheels needs some extra care. Don’t know if your model needs work done or not? Let us help you decide when you continue reading below.

Five Ways Your Car Tells You It’s Time for Repairs

If you don’t know it already, vehicles are very good at letting the driver know when something is wrong. The next time you hit the roads of Vernonburg, watch for these five warning signs. If you’re experiencing any of them, schedule your appointment with our team as soon as possible.

Check Engine Light Battery Light
  1. Illuminated Dashboard Lights: There’s no better way to see if your vehicle is running correctly than by taking a look at your dashboard. Though there are many lights that can show up that mean everything is normal, there are a couple to watch for. If you see any of these lights illuminate, make your way into our service department.
  • Check Engine Light
  • Anti-Lock Brake System Light
  • Battery Light
  1. Car Oil LeakLeaks: Some liquid under your car can be the result of condensation, but there’s never a case where fluid should be leaking from your vehicle in large amounts. Though leaks can happen internally, you can also spot common leaks if there is a puddle under your vehicle. This could be the result of an issue with your transmission, power steering, or cooling system, so get it assessed ASAP.
  2. Smells: Are you smelling something unusual in your cabin or under the hood? Sweet smells can indicate problems with your cooling system. Burning smells could be from a faulty transmission. Time for an appointment!
  3. Noises: We all know cars make noises as they drive. However, if you’re hearing ones that are odd, like grinding or squealing while stopping, you could need brake repair. Transmissions will also make noises when they need a tune up.
  4. Vibrations: If you’re not driving down an unpaved road or through rocky terrain, your vehicle shouldn’t be vibrating. Unusual vibrations, especially while on paved roads, are a cause for concern. This could mean something is wrong with your alignment or power steering, which are both crucial elements to safe driving. When unusual vibrating occurs, make sure to visit our authorized service center as quickly as you can to avoid further issues in the near future.

Receive Professional Automotive Repair When You Need Them

We know having something wrong with your vehicle can be a stressful time. With the help from the service center at Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram South Savannah, we can take away that stress and get you back on the streets in no time.

When it’s time for auto repairs near Vernonburg, turn to our team! Schedule your appointment today and let us take care of your car issues for you.

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